This is cultures of ELIYA Table Linen. We called it "Young Spring"

It is matched with different colors of green, dark green and light green. Green represents freshness, hope, safety, calm, comfort, life, peace, tranquility, nature, environmental protection, growth, vitality, youth and relaxation. That will give client a fresh feeling. The banquet linen set is also suitable for wedding, events and special space. 


1.Is it possible for small quantities?
Absolutely Ok, we have our own market shop in Guangzhou, China, only if our inventory products can meet your requirement, it will ok.
2.Are you trading company?
Not correct. We are a manufacturer which has 8 years experience in hotel linen, and our customers have spread over 130 counties in the world.
3.What about payment method?
We accept L/C, T/T, Western Union, and so on.


1.Minor Customization: The data is from past contract of the latest inspection report as assessed by independent third parties. (Minor means customized on logo/package/graphic customization)
2.Profession: 15 years experience in offering hotel linen to luxury hotels and resorts; Material guarantee---own cotton field to support 1 class cotton yarn; 3times of 100% inspection during the whole process.
3.ELIYA has a professional team for product design, development and management. The team endeavors to create new product patterns and product lines to guests' satisfaction.Meanwhile, all our products have passed the ISO9001 quality control system, ensuring the best quality and service for our customers.
4.Excellent designers: more than 15 years working in 5 star hotel; VP member in China Hospitality Association.
ELIYA  is manufactured combining the ancient and modern textile and dyeing technology which is frequently used in the textile manufacturing industry.

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