Dedicated to the best hotel linen, ELIYA plays an significant role in hotel items supply. The same, through the table linen, napkin will be also essential. A napkin, is a spuare cloth used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is usually small and will be folded into different designs and shapes, which will be a big help in table setting. When we take the napkin as a piece of decoration, whether we are trying to create a modern or a distinctive atmosphere, the small napkin can always make great sense. Moreover, it brings more possibilities to the table set when customers ask for more options. With various of colors and patterns, the importance of the material itself should not ignore. 100% cotton or polyester will be suitable to use for making the skin-friendly and durable napkins, with no harm to people when using. Nowadays, napkins are getting more and more popular and common in hotels, restaurants, B&B's for the table setting.

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